BONK Token Price Predictions for 2025

BONK Token Price Predictions for 2025

In this article, you will get to know more information about BONK Meme Token Price Predictions for 2025, social signals and BONK project information.

What is a BONK token?

BONK is the first dog meme coin on the Solana blockchain. Basically, as a meme token, it grows with the community. It is one of the top trending meme coins currently in the crypto market.

BONK token was firstly launched in 2022 with it’s all-time low on Dec 2022 – $0.078614. BONK Reached its all-time high on March 2024 – $0.00004547. That’s a huge 32119.0% increase in price.

Initially, the project did a 50% airdrop of the total supply before the launch, and the early investors saw a huge project with the BONK project after Shiba Inu & Pepe meme token projects. Similarly, BONK has strong community support.

BONK Meme Token Price Predictions:

At this point, as of 19th May 2024, BONK stands at $0.00002780.

Source – Trading View

Yokesh’s Price Prediction for BONK –

Right now, we are at resistance level 1 around $0.000027 with strong buy indication. Once the level breaks to resistance level 2 resets at $0.000036. This will be a crucial level to hold on. Once this passes through there are high chances overall for BONK meme token to reach all time high $0.000045 again.

Factors Influencing this potential BONK Price Bullish Trend

BONK’s meme token official website –

  1. Multi Exchange listing

BONK has been listed on multiple leading centralized exchanges and Dexes. They are expanding the exchanges to buy still.

2. Going Multichain

Secondly, BONK initially started on Solana Blockchain and has plans for going multi chain. There is liquidity on BNB Chain as well as BEP20 currently.

3. Projects under BONK

BONK has been actively developing and releasing multiple products to support buying and holding BONK tokens with ease. Hence, this increases the chances of new people coming into the community by buying the BONK tokens.

Below are a few projects under BONK ecosystem:

Source – BONK –

BONK Social Signals

Source – BitDegree

How to Buy BONK Meme Token/Coin on Binance Exchange:

  1. In order to buy BONK, you will need to first register on Binance Exchange by clicking this LINK (Note – This is my secure referral link. If you register through this link, I will get a referral bonus from Binance which will be helpful for me to keep contributing to the community)
  2. Deposit USDT to your Binance account (Can be USDT ERC20 or USDT BEP20 or USDT TRC20)
  3. Goto the BONK/USDT Trade menu in Binance exchange –
  4. Get your first Trade Done!

In summary – It is a right time to buy BONK meme coin now before the bullish all time high trend break.

Finally note – This article is just market research and therefore not financial advice. Do your own research before trading.

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