Project IDX rolls out Android & IOS simulators

Project IDX rolls out Android & IOS simulators

Image source – Google Project IDX Blog

What is Google’s Project IDX?

Project IDX is Google’s ambitious project to bring full stack cross platform development to cloud. It was launched in Mid 2023. As a developer, Imagine having one single IDE for all your full stack cross language web and mobile app development projects. Project IDX rolls out Android emulators & IOS simulators with this January 2024 update. Google says they have been using Project IDX internally and they claim that Firebase’s Blog has been developed in IDX.

What’s new in Project IDX’s Jan 2024 update?

  1. Android Emulator and IOS simulator support for IDX

Project IDX rolls out Android & IOS simulators. With this feature, you can see the updates on live android/IOS simulators as you develop without leaving out. This is a game changer update as you know android emulators and IOS simulators with Android studio and Xcode are heavy memory consuming tasks to run which requires at least 8 to 16GB RAM for smooth running. It also supports safari and chrome browser support to run web application development projects on the mobile simulators.

Image source – Google Project IDX Blog

2. Support for Project Templates

Google has introduced pre developed project template support for Astro, Go, Python/Flask, Qwik, Lit, Preact, Solid.js, and Node.js. Also you can import your own template from Github etc.

Image Source – Google Project IDX Blog

3. AI Capabilities

Similar to Github’s co-pilot, Project IDX has come up with their own AI support for programming assistance. It has been released in 15 regions – India, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Chile, Singapore, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Canada, Japan, and South Korea.

4. Improvements to Nix

Nix in IDX is used for setting up environment variable for multiple workspaces independently. This can help in multiple use cases while development.

  • Nix helps to write code efficiently – compare codes, syntax highlighting etc.
  • Prevent broken environment variables, unwanted failure deployments.

Project IDX’s new features will definitely help for web app development companies and Mobile App Development companies for reducing the speed of development and increase the quality.

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