What is ERC-404? Is it the next Buzz in Crypto?

What is ERC-404? Is it the next Buzz in Crypto?

From the past week, you would have heard about token price shooting if the project was working on ERC-404. In this article let’s dig into what is ERC-404, its advantages and its market potential.

History of ERC-404:

ERC-404 was initially developed by a developer on GitHub. You can find the source code of the smart contracts here – https://github.com/0xacme/ERC404

This was eventually extended and further developed by Pandora.
Pandora’s Links –

Pandora Twitter – https://twitter.com/Pandora_ERC404

Pandora Telegram – https://t.me/pandora_404

What is ERC-404?

ERC-404 is the combination of ERC-721 & ERC-20. The purpose is to bridge the gap between ERC-20 (Fungible Tokens) and ERC-721 (NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens)

Previously, if a project needed to tokenize or fractionalize an ERC-721 asset the developer would have to create a locker smart contract and mint ERC-20 after locking the ERC-721. it aims to solve this by directly locking and minting ERC-20 instead of additional contracts and steps thereby minimizing the work, efforts and gas fees likewise.

ERC-404 is not officially approved by Ethereum yet. The proposal for it has not been proposed yet with the EIP – Ethereum Improvement Proposal

Who is Pandora?

Pandora aims to be the first project with ERC-404 where they are launching 10,000 ERC-20 Tokens and 10,000 NFTs together. As you buy 1 Pandora Token you get 1 NFT together. The NFT will be minted with unique rarity.

Pandora Stats:

Pandora Token Smart Contract – 0x9e9fbde7c7a83c43913bddc8779158f1368f0413

Source- Coingecko
Source – Coingecko
Image Source: Coingecko

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  1. Reduces Gas Cost involving multiple smart contracts for locking and minting erc-20.
  2. Reduces complexity by having multiple layers for NTFs, Fungible Tokens etc.
  3. Simple and easy on development and integration.


  1. ERC-404 is not an approved EIP by Ethereum.
  2. It is not a security-audited smart contract. No leading audit firm like Certik or CypherShield has certified it. Generally, if audit firms do not approve then there can be chances of issues or scamming-related functions on the smart contract.
  3. Additionally, Using the hype there are multiple scam projects in the market mentioning that they are working on ERC-404.

I came across a new advanced standard introduced in the market by a set of open-source Ethereum developers called DN-404. It is considered an advanced and more gas-optimized version of ERC-404 and it is gaining traction now in the market. I would simultaneously recommend you to go thorough the differences between DN-404 vs ERC-404 firstly before choosing the best standard for your project. You can already see the buzz going around it in X(Twitter).

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