Business use cases of Sora AI Model developed by Open AI
Business use cases of Sora AI

Business use cases of Sora AI Model developed by Open AI

In this article, Firstly i’ll explain what is Sora AI model from Open AI and then eventually lets dig deeper into business use cases of Sora AI.

Open AI has been extensively contributing to the AI industry before with their text to text conversational AI model Chat-GPT and now Feb 16th 2024 Open AI has launched their new text to Video generator AI model called “Sora”. They have done a soft launch now with limited access to few selected artists, graphic designers, film makers to play around and contribute to stabilize the AI model.

Source – TheAIGrid Youtube Channel

Features of Sora AI Model:

  1. You can create imaginary videos from text prompts.
  2. Currently the video length generated by Sora Ai is 1 Minute.
  3. Sora AI above all allows you to create scenes with scenarios like multiple characters, different motions, objects and backgrounds.
  4. Sora AI can generate emotions correspondingly within characters used in the video.
  5. Supports Video to Video convention – You can upload a video and then replace a specific character or object with another.
  6. Sora AI further supports shadows and other real world like experiences as a result to generate more real alike videos.
Source – The Economic Times & Open AI

Business Use cases of Sora AI

  1. Real Estate Industry use case of Sora AI

Bring in your existing real estate model demo videos and re change them with imaginary representations and scenes with a more mesmerizing experiences.

2. Finance Industry use case of Sora AI

With Sora AI, Turn financial stats into videos representations. Predictions and projections are well understood when explained with a video explanation of the data in hand.

3. Education Industry use case of Sora AI

Create educational videos instantly on Sora AI with the right prompt given. Explanation or training given with video than on text gives better results.

4. Software / IT Industry use case of Sora AI

Create endless possibilities with presentation videos, intuitive product demo videos explaining the software product.

5. Manufacturing Industry use case of Sora AI

Employee training videos can be created in the best way easily with Sora AI which generally reduces the effort required to do custom from scratch. Also, simulations can be generated with Sora AI in manufacturing industries.

6. Film industry use case of Sora AI

As Sora AI model right now supports only 1 minute limit videos, creation of Title cards. Likewise any specific corrections or changes in videos instead of reshooting can be done with Sora AI model.

Lastly, Sora AI is still on the earlier stage and not opened to public use yet. Once Open AI makes it accessible for public use and with API access we will be able to explore more real world business use cases of Sora AI. There is no dates announced for it yet.

Data Privacy and Security in Sora AI for Business Use:

Above all, Sora AI is still in its early stage and Open AI is taking steps on the data privacy and security overall.

  • Open AI is using the same classifier of prompts used in DALL.E-3 which rejects prompts with violations of Open AI’s policies like violence, sexual contents etc
  • Together with this Open AI is planning to develop a tool to identify videos generated with Sora AI.
  • Lastly, they are also planning to include C2PA Meta data which allows the creators to embed meta data like who created it, when was it created etc to verify the video origin.

In conclusion, I hope you would have understood what is Sora AI model from Open AI and it’s business use cases. Simultaneously, Google has also been extensively developing on AI for business use cases. Recently Google had renamed Bard to Gemini in a strategic move with its AI division.

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