How AI will change mobile app development in 2024

How AI will change mobile app development in 2024

We believe in the potential of artificial intelligence and its promising future in mobile app development. Our team is focusing on five key trends that will be closely monitored throughout the year.

Democratising Artificial Intelligence

French scientist and leading artificial intelligence researcher at Meta Yann LeCun predicts that in the future, AI systems will become intermediaries in all our interactions with the digital world. Indeed, artificial intelligence is becoming publicly available before our eyes, just like the Internet or the iron used to be.

Mobile applications with AI help in everyday life, agriculture, fishing and sports. For example, with the idSport platform , professional statistics and analytics are now not only for professionals. It’s for everyone who has a phone.

Computer vision will make it possible to accurately calculate the accuracy of hitting a billiard ball, and convolutional neural networks will help classify chess pieces on the board. And machine learning will help to record bright scoring moments in football or checkers games on the board.

AI content moderation

Generative AI models are growing more attainable, and their utilisation in mobile applications is on the rise among developers. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Digital Development , the UN, Gartner analysts, Chinese authorities and many others are thinking about how to make AI content safe and accurate.

The same ChatGPT can produce plausible but false answers. Gartner analysts believe that there are other risks associated with Generative AI. What if he, for example, divulges trade secrets and reveals personal information?

There is no certainty yet, but Google is already planning to strengthen AI content moderation in Google Play applications. When the new rules go into effect, users will be able to report content or flag inappropriate material in applications with generative artificial intelligence. True, not in all, but in some, the company notes abstractly.

Artificial intelligence is using to moderate messages and posts on social networks and communities at the same time.Facebook has been doing this for five years. Over the past year, the social network has achieved that AI manages to remove 95% of hate speech before anyone even sees it.

Local generative neural networks

Generative neural networks are most often hosted in the cloud. So they have enough computing power to, for example, use large language models with billions of parameters. Therefore, until recently, most mobile applications based on generative AI did not work without the Internet.

At the end of last year, they started talking about local generative neural networks: Google added one to the Pixel 8 Pro. It is called Gemini Nano, it can analyse voice recordings and offer answers in instant messengers. And most importantly, it works without the Internet and quickly processes requests.

Of course, local neural networks are much smaller than cloud ones and their capabilities are not so interesting. But researchers are looking for ways to make large language models work even when memory is limited. For example, Apple engineers recently taught the Falcon 7B LLM neural network to produce data four to five times faster with half the memory required.

“Co-pilot” in development and design

Artificial intelligence can be a developer’s “co-pilot”: helping to design, write code and test mobile applications. Gartner analysts predict that AI will have a positive impact on programmers’ productivity. It will help you spend less time on code and more time on strategy.

The Sparkout team has already tried to connect AI to work. We wrote about the experience of our developer, who works on computer vision for mobile applications. He tried to build a training pipeline for image classification using ChatGPT. And I came to the conclusion that it is possible to achieve the correct solution to a complex problem through a series of clarifying questions.

At the stage of interface design and its various elements, generative artificial intelligence also comes in handy. He can be assigned routine tasks. For example, collecting references or stylizing pictures.

“We generate images in Mid Journey for banners and system alerts in mobile applications. There is no need to make 3D models yourself, draw them from scratch or look for them on stock: the neural network will make the picture faster. Mid Journey can also be used to create backgrounds and graphic elements for interfaces in different styles, shared Sparkout UI/UX designer.

Personalised user experience

In 2024, users still want mobile apps to understand what they’re looking for without further ado.In the retail industry, for instance, companies are more inclined to offer personalized deals that customers are more likely to accept.

To personalise the user experience in a mobile application, there are a number of artificial intelligence tools available. For example, machine learning systems help identify connections that are difficult to detect using standard methods.

If you already have a cool idea and it requires an equally cool team, Contact us.

To summarise, Artificial Intelligence continues to change mobile development. In 2024 we will watch with great interest:

  • How AI will become even more accessible and open up many professional tools for everyone who has a phone.
  • How companies and regulators will try to moderate AI content and at the same time engage AI to moderate content.
  • How local generative neural networks will develop.
  • How AI will help developers and designers when creating mobile applications.

How personalization in mobile applications will reach a new level thanks to AI tools.

We will also continue to develop artificial intelligence solutions ourselves. If you want to integrate AI into your mobile application, you can fill out the brief. We will study your project and help you find a suitable solution.

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